WHPBD1 Basic Dash Display

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The WHPBD1 Basic Dash Display is an exciting new product that is an affordable display option. While we would love to sell every customer an ADU5 or ADU7, there are many customers whose budgets and requirements don't need a full-color logging motorsport dash. The WHPBD1 can display up to 7 parameters at once as well as a progressive shift light. Most channels have a programmable warning level. If the warning threshold is exceeded, the display for that channel will flash to warn the driver. The shift light is programmable as well. The WHPBD1 comes with a harness that is pre-terminated for connection with the serial port of an EMU or EMU Classic, and offers a two-wire connection to the EMU Black via serial.

Software and related files may be downloaded here

WHPBD1 Basic Dash Display
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