IS300 VVTI A/C Compressor
Part #: ACARIS1 Lexus IS300 A/C Compressor fits aristo
Sold Out
MK3 Mishimoto Fan Shroud w/12 inch Fan
Part #: COMK327 MK3 Mishimoto fan shroud w/12 inch fan
7M A/C Compressor
Part #: AC7M2 A/C Compressor (Does NOT include manifold)
Sold Out
MK3 Supra A/C Condenser, Lines
Part #: AC7M3 MK3 A/C Condenser high-side line broken/includes extra pressure switch
MK3 Heater Valve
Part #:COMK31 MK3 Heater Valve
Sold Out
MK3 7M Cooling Fan
Part #: COMK32   MK3 7M Cooling Fan (one chipped blade)
2JZ GTE/1JZ Non VVTI Water Pump Pulley
Part #: COMK46 2JZ GTE/1JZ Non VVTI Water Pump Pulley
Part # : COMK439 JZA80 AUX Fan  
JZX90 Radiator
Part # : COJZX38 JZX90 Radiator
High Pressure AC Line w/Sensors
Part # : AC7M8 high pressure AC line w/sensors
7M AC Compressor Bracket
Part # : 7M AC Compressor Brackets 7M AC Compressor Bracket
7M AC Compressor w/Bracket
Part # : AC7M6 7M AC Compressor w/Bracket
MK3 Radiator w/Cap
Part # : COMK336 MK3 Radiator w/Cap
MK4 A/C Compressor Manifold
Part # : COMK434 MK4 A/C Compressor Manifold
2JZ GTE Fan Blade
Part # : CO2JT33 2JZ GTE Fan Blade
1JZ VVTI Fan Clutch w/Fan
Part # : CO1JZ32 1JZ VVTI Fan Clutch w/fan (fits 1JZ VVTI only)
7M Fan Clutch
Part # : CO7M31 7M Fan Clutch  
7M Suction and Discharge Lines
Part # : AC7M5 7M Suction and Discharge Lines
MK4 Turbo Fan Shroud Single Fan
Part #: COMK428 MK4 Turbo fan shroud single fan (repaired w/zip ties)
Universal Cooler
Part #: COUMV26 Universal Cooler
B&M Cooler w/6AN Fittings
Part #: COBM24   B&M Cooler w/6AN fittings
MK4 Cooling Fan w/Clutch 2JZGE
Part #: COMK44 MK4 Cooling Fan w/clutch 2JZGE
MK4 2JZ Fan Clutch
Part #: COMK45 MK4 2JZ Fan Clutch
1JZ VVTI Water Pump Pulley
Part #: CO1JV7/1637146030 1JZ VVTI Water Pump Pulley
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