MK3 Supra 8.8 IRS Conversion

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MK3 Supra Ford 8.8 IRS Conversion.  

This is a fabrication service offered by Ward Auto Racing.  We will have you ship us your rear subframe.  We will modify your subframe to accept this Ford Explorer 8.8 IRS Differential.   

Cost for this service starts at $2100 - Fabrication work to subframe only

We offer addons below:

Custom Axles - We are currently offering Drive Shaft Shop Level 4 Axles custom made for our 8.8 Conversion.    Custom 1000hp Rated Direct Fit Axle Set for a MK3 Supra with Exploder 8.8 Differential $2850- Axles in pictures are not the DSS Axles. We will update pictures in the near future. 

Explorer 8.8 Differential Unit - fully assembled with Ford Trac-Loc LSD gear ratio of your choice (Motive or Ford Motorsport Gears are used). New Koyo Bearings and Seals.  Differential will be cleaned, painted and include mounting hardware for $2050

Blasted and Coated Subframe- Silver is our color of choice. Cost for coating. $350
MK3 Supra 8.8 IRS Conversion
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