Built Motor Program 2JZ Short Block

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Current wait time for one of our built block is 5-6 Months at time of order.  Deposit required.  


We have for sale one of our built motor program 2JZ short blocks. Please contact us for a proper invoice as all our engines are built to order, current wait time is 8-12 weeks.

Up front pricing:

$7200 With your provided core block and crank
$8500 Without Core Block and Crank
$450 Flat Rate Shipping In USA

This block is outfitted with:

  • 86.5mm Wiseco HD 9.6:1 Pistons- If available  
  • .225 Wall Wrist Pins
  • Brian Crower HD Rods- 6309 or 6307
  • 625+ Rod Bolts
  • PHR Billet Main Caps
  • ACL Race Bearings- Or King 
  • ARP Main Studs

Original 2JZ-GE Non-VVTI Block-  Block can be used on VVTI with the Power House Racing oil feed adapter  PHR 01011062

The block was hot tanked, media blasted, magna fluxed before the machine work.  The block was inspected for any signs of fatigue or cracks. 

All oil galley plugs are removed as well as the freeze plugs. Our blocks are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All plugs will be reinstalled upon assembly. 

OEM 2JZGTE Crankshaft has been cleaned, micro polished and balanced. Crank is still in oem specs for factory sized bearings. 

Our blocks are torque plate honed with ARP Studs.

Each block is painted with high temp ceramic engine paint.

This particular block is built to withstand in excess of 1300hp. 

Wiseco Pistons- K677M865AP Bore 3.405 (86.5mm), Stroke 3.386 (86mm), Rod Length 5.590 (142mm), Compression Height 1.338 (34mm), Dish -5.3cc, ..225pin, 9.6:1 Compression 

Brian Crower Rods- BC6309HD - Toyota 2JZGTE/GE - ProH625+ Connecting Rods w/ARP Custom Age 625+ Fasteners- Rated at 250HP+ Per Cylinder 

ARP Main Studs- 203-5405

ACL Race Bearings- 6B8100H 7M8103H 2T8103- Some will use HX Bearings to obtain desired clearances 

Power House Racing Billet Main Caps- PHR 01011003
Includes Driftmotion CNC High RPM Oil pump, Will be installed with a front main seal. Pump will be primed with assembly lube. 

Built Motor Program 2JZ Short Block
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