PHR Triple Walbro 485 Fuel Pump Hanger for 93-98 Supra - E85
PHR 01011224 PHR INTRODUCES THE WORLDS FIRST AND ONLY TRIPLE WALBRO 485 FUEL PUMP HANGER FOR MKIV SUPRA!   With a Flow Rating of over 800 lph or 267 Gallons per hour at 90psi, this pump setup is good for over 1900hp on...
PHR Fuel Level Sending Unit for 1993-1998 Toyota Supra
PHR 01011250 With the discontinuation of factory fuel level senders from Toyota, and with the Supra getting older and in age, Powerhouse Racing has come up with a replacement for the aging units.  The Powerhouse Racing Fuel Level Sending Unit...
PHR 2JZ Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit
Fuel Pump Hangers PHR1011233 With fuel system requirements changing dramatically and electric pump options not able to keep up PHR developed a mechanical fuel pump solution for running E85/E98, Methanol, or Race Gas applications.    The PHR Mechanical Fuel Pump Drive...
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